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I'm Susan. 

I help create breakthrough brands for women-led businesses.


Want To Save Time &
Grow Faster?

5 Keys To Creating

Breakthrough Brand

Download your FREE guide to getting your brand off the sidelines and into the spotlight

Break Through. Connect. Grow.

People want to build real connections with authentic brands that understand them and share their values.


They don’t just want to buy something – they want to belong to something.

Your brand is what invites them in and keeps them coming back.

If you're feeling...

Frustrated with how to break through in a crowded marketplace.  


Confused about how to communicate the value you deliver.


Unsure how to connect authentically with your high-value customers.

Stuck on how to get your messaging, content, and design to work together.

Overwhelmed by marketing tactics.

Fearful that you’re becoming less aligned with the passion that drove you to start your business in the first place.


Trust me, you’re not alone and there is a solution. Let’s find the brand clarity you need to put an end to the confusion and overwhelm – and ignite your business growth.

Choose Your Path

I Want To Help You Grow Your Business


I’m a brand strategist on a mission to help women entrepreneurs get the expert guidance they need to build their brand into a business they love.

My unique approach can give you the brand clarity you need to... 

Confidently stand out from your competition

Connect authentically with your dream customers

Craft irresistible marketing and sales messages 


Build a community of passionate fans


“Working with Susan was a delight. She was quickly able to grasp prior work and to build upon it in a manner that felt both personal and efficient. I’m so pleased with the quality of her work which I know will allow us to be most effective in our consumer communications.”

Allison Monette, Co-Founder & CEO, O'MY Dairy-Free Gelato

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