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The Brand Clarity Breakthrough Program 

Get the brand clarity you need to unlock your brand's superpower and grow your business with purpose and confidence.

Program launching in 2021.

It All Begins With Clarity

Imagine knowing exactly how to confidently stand out from your competition, connect authentically with your dream customers, craft irresistible marketing and sales messages, and build a community of passionate fans that will rave about you to everyone they know.


In seven simple steps, The Brand Clarity Breakthrough Program will help you unlock your brand’s superpower and put it to work for your business.

Brand Clarity Breakthrough Is For You If:


You struggle to stand out and communicate why a customer should choose you over the competition.


You’re attracting a lot of tire-kickers and discount-seekers instead of connecting with your high-value customers in a way that wins their hearts, moves them from shopping to buying, and inspires them to recommend you.


You’ve created a logo and selected some brand colors, but you’re confused about what else goes into creating a brand that powers your marketing and drives business growth.


You look around and see other businesses like yours who seem to have it all together – with messaging, content, and graphics that are genuinely engaging and tell a consistent story – while you feel scattered and stuck on how to get there.


You feel trapped in a cycle of ‘all speed and no direction’ – burnt-out from the struggle of continually creating content and testing marketing tactics that don’t seem to make a lasting or meaningful difference to your business.


You’re taking action – doing all the things – but you’ve reached a point where your actions feel less and less aligned with the passion that drove you to start your business in the first place.

Program launching in 2021.

What's Included In The Program

7 Video Lessons

Seven engaging video lessons walk you step-by-step through the process of defining the foundations of your brand strategy (the who, why, what, and how) and show you how to bring your brand to life through visuals and the words you use – so you can activate your brand with purpose and confidence.

Brand Foundations Framework

The Brand Foundations Framework will become your new BFF as you put your brand into action! It’s designed to help you keep all the elements of your brand strategy on track and working together. 

PDF Workbook

The workbook is designed to support the video lessons by providing actionable worksheets and relevant examples that bring each lesson to life. The workbook guides you through the steps of building out your brand foundations, so by the end of the course you’ll have a concise brand strategy document.

Private Coaching

I support you every step of the way with monthly live Q&A calls and ongoing coaching in a private Facebook group.   

Brand Clarity Breakthrough is an easy to follow online program that walks you step-by-step through the process of creating a breakthrough brand strategy. Go at your own pace with video lessons you can pause or return to at any time.

Here's What's You'll Learn In Each Lesson

Lesson 01

Activate Your New Brand Mindset

Reset your understanding of what a brand is and why it’s a vital tool for driving your business forward today. Learn the five essential questions you need to answer to unlock your brand’s superpower.

Lesson 02

Create Your High-Value Customer Persona

Learn how to go deep inside the mind and lifestyle of your high-value customer with my unique persona builder process, and how to leverage that knowledge to attract more of the customers you want.

Lesson 03

Uncover Your Brand's Driving Belief

Uncover the core driving belief behind your brand and how to leverage your "why" to build authentic connections with your high-value customer and create a sense of brand belonging.

Lesson 04

Identify Your Brand's Unique Value Proposition

Create meaningful stand out in a competitive marketplace by connecting your brand's value to what your customer's value .

Lesson 05

Discover The Key To Creating
Authentic Experiences

Write your brand story. Learn how to tie your brand beliefs to your brand behaviors to create authentic brand experiences that build trust and loyalty with your customers.

Lesson 06

Bring Your Brand To Life

Learn how to create consistent branding that builds trust. Find your brand voice, craft focused brand messaging, and create a visual branding strategy that guides consistent, effective design.

Lesson 07

Power Up Your Brand Foundations Framework

Put all the pieces together so you can move forward with confidence. Take your brand to the next level using the Brand Foundations Framework to guide your business, supercharge your marketing, and drive sales.

Program launching in 2021.

"This program is amazing! I was so confused before I started Brand Clarity Breakthrough, and now I'm more clear and more confident than I've ever been. Going through the process helped me understand my brand and what it has to offer the customers I'm meant to serve. It's literally changed everything! "

Jacqueline Walker, Founder, N-Power Fitness

You Need Clarity, Fast!

The Brand Clarity Breakthrough Program was designed specifically for you – the entrepreneur – who’s already got a thousand things on their to-do list.


Each lesson can be completed in less than a week without any fancy tech. If you’ve got access to an internet connection, a pen, and a notebook, you can complete this course.


All that’s required is the willingness to look inward and drill down on concepts you may not have considered or put into practice before.

Breakthrough & Get Results!

After completing this program you will:

√  Know exactly how to break through the noise

and stand out in a competitive marketplace

  Communicate your brand’s unique value clearly, simply, and effectively

√  Build authentic connections with the high-value customers you’re meant to serve

√  Find your voice and create the right kind of content for your website, social media, and marketing materials

√  Craft messages that engage, connect, and inspire loyalty

  Bring your brand to life visually

√  Market and sell with confidence

√  Build a community of devoted fans

  Know which marketing tactics are right for you and which you should avoid

√  Feel passionately aligned with your business

√  Grow your brand into a business you love

Program launching in 2021.



I'm Susan Federspiel.

I’m a brand strategist on a mission to help female entrepreneurs get the expert guidance they need to create and build a breakthrough brand that ignites their business growth.

I spent most of my 25-year career working in global brand consultancies in New York and San Francisco helping brands like Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, Bacardi, and Cisco Systems create new brands and grow existing brands.

I founded The Brand Pixie to give female entrepreneurs and small business owners, like you, an accessible expert when trying to make sense of branding and marketing in today’s dynamic marketplace.


I took a hard look at the complex processes big agencies had constructed around brand strategy, and created a new approach that’s more human, more agile, and more responsive to the changing relationship customers have with brands today.


The Brand Clarity Breakthrough program is an extension of my mission to help you grow your brand into a business you love by giving you the tools and guidance you need to break through the confusion and overwhelm, and unlock your brand's superpower.

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